sábado, 10 de julho de 2010

Os huteritas / The Hutterites

Here is a good example to help us to ask a question: What is utopia at the end?
A system that has continuing being existent for the last 4 centuries or a fantasy of development that has become unsustainable in only 70 years. Who has produced resilience, who has produced more brokeness and tragedies? Nothing is perfect, but some things are less perfect than other.
watch the movie from 1964, NFB CANADA - if you want

here is another one by Driven to Sustain:

Driven to Sustain - The Hutterites from Driven to Sustain on Vimeo.


Another source of inspiration has been this video, this tells me a lot about options in the future, I would like to facilitate to some of my young friends: